Black Shop

17 Aprile 2024

(feat. Paolo Di Sabatino, Giovanna Famulari)

A musical trip which chronologically takes place between Softly as in a morning sunrise, theme from a 1928 operetta, and Black Shop, a song Di Sabatino wrote in 2009 for Mario Biondi. A handful of gems, some drawn from the repertoire of Tin Pan Alley, others from jazz, all rearranged for an intimate chamber trio with a cello. All the ballads are precious. These foolish things (jazz world began to love it when Billie Holliay took care of it in 1936) has a extraordinary interpratation, as well as Spring can really hang you up the most where Letizia Onorati performs vulnerable lyrics in a mature and touching way. Also the orher songs are successful such as Joy Spring, with fine scat notes, Four, that became a samba, o Sweet and Lovely, the old song of 1931, an engaging gospel. It’s interesting the quadruple tribute to Duke Ellington, with the 6/8 Prelude to a Kiss, It Don’t Mean a Thing full of groove, Sophisticated Lady with a so insipring piano solo and also In a Sentimental Mood that is one of the best moments of this cd.

Letizia Onorati